They say that in show business, you get to wear two masks – one is smiling while the other one is crying. But in reality, artists wear a lot of different masks based on the characters that they portray. They can be happy, proud, sad, frustrated, mad, excited, elated, courageous, scared, fantastic, awesome, relaxed, stressed, depressed, delighted, and a whole lot more feelings. They get to experience the full range of human emotions depending on the roles they play. That is good as it makes a versatile actor out of them. But the problem starts when he or she cannot distinguish anymore if there is a mask on or none. 

Some people are like artists who play their part so well.  They live their lives living out someone else’s life, someone else’s dreams, someone else’s aspirations. Some people wear their mask so well that you do not recognize the real person beneath. That they are not being their true selves. And it is said that some people play their part so so well that they have lost their own self in the process. 

Just like artists, you have to know when your part in a story ends, when the performance stops and you have to be back to the real you. The you that you have always been. The you that has been a fighter to be where you are now. The you that has withstood all the hardships in life to pursue his or her greatest dream. You displayed so much resilience amidst life’s challenges. 

Like artists, you have to wear a certain mask during a show. But when the show stops, you take that mask off and be yourself once again. You are liberated after the curtain call. You are back to being you because no one can play that part so well except you.