Fans of Liv Styler have been asking us for updates regarding the star. They want to know how she had been after giving birth to a healthy baby boy. It has been months since she was last seen on television and the viewers are excited to see her once again. Well, Liv still does not accept invitations for guests on tv shows but your DMZ was very fortunate to bump into her and of course, we took the opportunity to have some chit-chat with this adorable lady.

DMZ: How have you been? How’s your baby?

Liv Styler: I have been enjoying living my life away from the spotlight for the past months. Of course, I took this as an opportunity to be a hands-on mom to my handsome little boy. Nothing beats the feeling of being present to see your child’s milestones.  

DMZ: Looks like you are having the time of your life. 

Liv: I am! All of my life I have been working in front of the camera, making sure that the people are happy. Now, I am getting my much-deserved break and I get to spend it with the most amazing little boy on the planet and I am proud to call him my son. 

DMZ: How do you think has motherhood changed you? 

Liv: Oh, a lot! It’s like I’m living a completely different life than before. I now have to prioritize my little boy’s welfare over anyone else’s. I do all the housework as much as possible. I am very hands-on when it comes to taking care of him that I do not have time for myself anymore. Look at me, I am wearing sweatpants in the middle of the day. I just went out for some errands but I really must hurry home now because it is time to feed my little boy. 


And with that, she got hold of her groceries, waved goodbye, and rushed home.