A Guide To Types Of Motorcycle Engines

Choosing the best type of motorcycle engine makes your ride a comfort. An engine is categorized according to the number of cylinders it has and the amount of power it produces. In addition, most engines are named after the shapes their manufacturers designed them. Not all the existing engines shall suit all kinds of motorcycles owing to the fact on the difference in the power produced, the amount of weight required by the bike and the use of a specific motorcycle. For these reasons, here is a guide to help you know on the different types of motorcycles that exist.

Having an access to a motorcycle company that offers the best bikes for a ride becomes the end of challenges on the roads with your motorcycle. The existence of MV Agusta, a company that is famous in the manufacturing of all prominent motorcycles including the attire related to cycling has made cyclist proud of it. The motor cycles here have different kinds of engines which we would like to look at each.

Single cylinder engines

This type of engine is associated with bikes with small cc which are preferred for the fact that they are cheap for maintenance or fixing whenever a problem arises. Splendor, Platina and Yamaha R15 are known to use this single cylinder engines. An example of a single cylinder engine is the pushrod engine. It has its camshaft sitting between the engine’s cylinder heads. To connect the camshaft to the crankshaft, a chain or a gear system is used. For this reason, a turning on the crankshaft causes the camshaft to turn also. To open or close the engine’s valves, a pushrod is pushed by a lifter due to the turning of the camshaft.

Two cylinder engines

This types of engines have two cylinders with them which results in an increase in their weights, costs, and power. According to the way cylinders are placed in these engines, there are several categories of the two cylinder engines. These are;

Parallel twin engine

These engines have a common crankshaft that along it, cylinders of the engines are arranged in a line. They are meant specifically for bikes with average weights of between 500cc-800cc such as BMW F 800.

V-Twin engine

The arrangement of the two cylinders in engines of such kind is in a V shape where they share a common crankshaft. Despite of these engines being used in motorcycles, they can also be used in industrial engines or small cars. They have lightweights and produces power in a ratio that is sufficient. However, balancing in such engines is difficult whereas vibrations are higher compared to the parallel twin engines.

L Twin engine

The founder of this L Twin engine is Ducati who designed it to have two cylinders arranged in a 90ퟀ� angle. There is no big difference between the V-Twin engine and this engine and this makes it to have the same advantages and disadvantages.

Triple Cylinders engines

These type of engines can be referred to as straight-three, inline-triple or inline three. They have a common crankshaft that holds their three cylinders in a line. The characteristics of these engines lies between that of the V-Twin and the inline-four engine. They are smoother than the V-Twin engines and narrower and lighter than inline-four engines.

Straight Six Engines

It is rare to find these engines amongst motorcycles. They could resemble the boxer engines though they have more cylinders. Their prices are higher and are heavy in weight. They operate smoothly and their torque being oodles.

Four Cylinder engines

These engines are known for their high sound production due to the for four cylinders in them. Examples of the engines include;

Inline Four engine

These engines are named after their four cylinder possession that lie side by side. They were made by squeezing a larger capacity to a small space and leaving the remaining space for maintenance. They have high power and their balancing is good with low vibrations.

V-Four engine.

These engines posses a common crankshaft that holds their four cylinders which are arranged in a V shape. It is not common to find these engines which have short lengths . Their performance is higher with good balancing and low vibrations.


Having a prior knowledge on the several types of engines including their performance and designs enables you to make the best decision before investing in one. Visit MV Agusta today to purchase a motorcycle with the engine of preference that comes with the appropriate attire.