How to escape room

Traditional escape games take 60 minutes to end: from the time of entering the door to the time of leaving after you’ve accomplished the mission. If your team is highly successful in the escape, as it should be, these games can take an even shorter time.

However, you need to know that some companies may twitch around the traditional games that take 60 minutes to complete to have a lower or higher time limit, say 45 or 90 minutes.

Consider some additional time before getting started

If you are out with colleagues, friends, and family for a weekend escape room outing, you should consider setting some additional time after and even before taking part in the real escape challenge. Give yourselves enough time by arriving early, finding the parking space, and registering your group.


Another reason why you should arrive early is to get ample time to query the staff about a few things, let the staff peruse through the policies and regulations, especially if you are new to the area or you’re entirely new to the idea of escape rooms. That being said, it would be prudent to arrive at the location at least 10 minutes before the starting time.

Time to celebrate (…or time to sulk)

If your team gets out of the escape room successfully and on time, you need to gather outside and celebrate. Hence, you may set aside some time to do that. Some companies can suggest taking a team photo to celebrate or commemorate your success.

Don’t worry if you don’t make it out on time, you may gather outside and take a team photo as well, just to remember the experience and perhaps inspire yourselves to return.


How you prepare for the room escape can determine your success. Prior preparations just before the game time should be considered. A typical escape room game, therefore, can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete successfully.The time you will take to complete the game matters more than the achievement you’ll make, just as expected from any other game.

The artist filmmaker Kenneth Anger is known for his avant-garde works.  In this exhibit, people are able to get a glimpse of Anger’s personality to understand where the filmmaker is coming from when he produces his works. Growing up near Hollywood might be able to explain Kenneth Anger’s interest in films even at an early stage in his life.  But Anger did not let himself be defined by contemporary Hollywood standards and formula for success.  Instead, he made his own niche in making short films using atmospheric impressions and musical accompaniment only without the use of any dialogues.  There are no narratives, only images.  He used surface mount resistor marking in filmmaking. Kenneth Anger is known to tackle sexuality, dream sequences, and fetishes in his films and presents these ideas while seducing and attacking the minds of the viewers. He also has a flair for mythology.  These are not your typical commercial films.  The closest you can get in comparison are compelling musical videos and yet, he would not dive into that business just to make money.  Kenneth Anger is his own person and only he alone decides on the films and works of arts that he creates.


The art of Kenneth Anger gives so much respect to the viewers.  He does not dictate what he wants them to think, see, or feel.  He lets them ride the experience and define for themselves what they perceive the films are about.  As he himself thought out of the box, the viewers also need to think out of the box and break away from conventional thinking.  The artist and the viewer are free.  No one can impose that they have to get out of watching the film.  That is the beauty of art.  We can all watch the same thing and yet have different views about it based on our own interpretations and perceptions.  The viewers are also not subjected to sit through two to three long hours to see the entire film because Anger believes that we can express things better through the use of images in a short duration. Less is more.  He has a different approach to time.  He skillfully uses nonlinear sequences, jump cuts, and intercuts to make the viewers think and let his message sink in.  He leaves it to the viewers to interpret the film.  He gives them an onslaught of symbols and details which he creatively presents through skillful editing.  His works will tickle your imagination and leave your mind burning with questions and ideas.  The images he uses are so moving that he will shake up your beliefs. Like a potter, he molds and shapes the images carefully and artistically.  There is a simplicity to it and yet the message is complex.  In doing so, Anger has made a significant impact on fellow artists and filmmakers.  His films show the hard work of one man who stands by his own beliefs and artistry, one that will not sell his love for the arts for the sake of profit.

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The venue got its name simply from its location – it is a place of performance on the 72nd Street in the state of New York. But do not be deceived by the simplicity of its name because behind that seeming effortlessness comes great shows and productions from the best artists in and out of the country. Stage72 has become a prime destination for locals and tourists because they do not want to miss the biggest hits in the entertainment industry. There are shows playing every day on Stage72. You can choose from the following genres according to your preference:  acoustic, burlesque, cabaret, comedy, jazz, kids, musical, rhythm and blues, and rock. Check our websites Full Calendar for their schedule.  

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Here is more good news. Stage72, which has a seating capacity of 120 people – 86 on the main floor section and 34 on the balcony section, is available for rentals and bookings. If there are special screenings that you want to host or if there are viewing parties for your events, contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Inquire now for that unique experience with your guests and loved ones. 

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