Welcome to Stage72 where great performances entertain you every night.

These performances are so great, you would want to come back to watch them again. That is because we made sure to line up only the best performances for your viewing pleasure.  

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The venue got its name simply from its location – it is a place of performance on the 72nd Street in the state of New York. Find out more about our history and more.

But do not be deceived by the simplicity of its name because behind that seeming effortlessness comes great shows and productions from the best artists in and out of the country.

Stage72 has become a prime destination for locals and tourists because they do not want to miss the biggest hits in the entertainment industry.

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There are shows playing every day on Stage72.

You can choose from the following genres according to your preference:  acoustic, burlesque, cabaret, comedy, jazz, kids, musical, rhythm and blues, and rock. Check our websites Full Calendar for their schedule.  

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Theater doors open 30 minutes before the show starts. For those who purchased their tickets online, just present your confirmation number to the theater administrator when you get there. 

There are light snacks and drinks available at the venue. These are already included in the ticket prices that you paid for so you can just order what you want to have while watching our shows.  

So hurry up and book your tickets now.

You can book your tickets online by choosing the show and time when you are going to watch. Just click the Buy Ticket button and that’s it.  A map of the theater is provided so that you can choose the best seats in town. We accept credit cards and online wallets as payments for a hassle free transaction. 

Tickets are also available at the booth outside the theater. Stage72 is a kid, older people, and persons with disabilities friendly so that everyone can have the opportunity to watch their favorite shows. The performances are usually between 60 to 90 minutes long to give you an idea of the duration of your stay inside the facility.

Here is more good news.

There are shows playing every day on Stage72.

Stage72, which has a seating capacity of 120 people – 86 on the main floor section and 34 on the balcony section, is available for rentals and bookings. If there are special screenings that you want to host or if there are viewing parties for your events, contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Inquire now for that unique experience with your guests and loved ones. 

Do not miss the hit comedy show playing at Stage72 on its 9th year – “Celebrity Autobiography.” The show features an all-star cast who relive true confessions from our celebrities and give them a lively rendition and exceptional twists to delight the audiences. Also showing this month are: Doing It for Defense, Gutless and Grateful: A Second Helping, Love in the Middle Ages, Beatlestock, and Should I Be Sweet. 

We invite you to go out of your A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee and join us in our shows. We assure you that you will have a great time. 

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